Top 10 Tips for Negotiation
Top Ten Tips for Negotiation

After negotiating precedent-setting agreements in the sports industry for over 20 years, I wanted to share the “Top Ten Tips” I wish I knew earlier on in my career.

NCAA article Legal ACC Docket
The Ethical Evolution of the NCAA

This article is meant to spur dialogue and highlight possible changes to the current model, including one that leverages new forms of corporate structure to create a distinct ethical framework for college athletics.  

Esport Labor Issues, ACC Docket, Legal
Genesis of an Industry: The Emerging Workforce and Regulations of esports

This is what we mean by esports today. It is a space where video games, players, fans, and prize money converge in a new market, expected to exceed the billion-dollar mark in revenue this year.

Law In Sport
Key sports law cases and developments to watch in 2018 – USA

In this feature, some of the leading sports lawyers in the United States share their views on what they think are the key sports law issues and developments to follow in 2018.

The Washington Post
Project For esports players, the tax man cometh

Ask a professional gamer how they’d label their occupation and they may have several suggestions, not particularly caring which you choose.

Base Fishing for Women
Hook, Line and Sinker

If I told you that women spend a lot of money it wouldn’t be news. But if I told you that women spend $3 billion annually on trip-related fishing expenses and fishing equipment, it would be huge news.

AP Soccer Dispute
U.S. Women End Money Dispute with USSF

The U.S. Soccer Federation and nine of its top women players on Thursday settled a financial dispute that threatened to keep the players from this summer’s Olympics.

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