Ellen is well prepared, innovative, and brings her high level of energy every time.


Ellen can come in and light up the room with her passion and focus as a keynote speaker, moderator, and panelist. Ideal for corporate retreats, brown-bag lunches, customer appreciation events, employee motivation gatherings, and women only groups. Be prepared to be interactive and have a completely customized experience.


Ellen has a six-sense when it comes to negotiating. Her experience in the National Football League, United States Olympics, and Corporate environments brings the level of brainstorming to a whole new level.


Ellen has taught for 3 decades with a ‘can-do’ attitude. Her ability to assess a situation and develop a strategy of success is uncanny. Here are some areas of development she can help you with:


Ellen can keep the eye on the big picture while seeking out the details that enable a successful outcome.


Ellen holds a unique space in the media space, she works in the space, she writes on legal and business topics, and often is interviewed as an expert.


  • Negotiating Workshops (All can be customized for Women Groups)
  • Learn from the women who has negotiated in a male’s world and come out a winner.
  • Defend Your Position – creating leverage when none exists.
  • Team Members – adversary today, ally tomorrow
  • Trash Talk – double meaning of words/gestures
  • Personal Branding Workshops
  • ID Yourself
  • Two-minute drill – create your elevator pitch
  • Match Self-Branding to company branding
  • Practice Drills – brainstorming the right way
  • Gold Medalist – be a corporate athlete
  • Sports Heroes – linking to the right sponsor
  • Lets go the Reply – self evaluations
  • Touchdown – winning is not a win-win
  • Jump on Board Workshops
  • Workshop and coaching for those ready to add board of director to their resume.
  • Develop a personal brand
  • Create your value proposition
  • Work with boards to evaluate their diversity and inclusion goals
  • Intrapreneurship Workshops
  • Be your own entrepreneur
  • Learn how to develop a creative space inside your company
  • Workshops for employees to develop their inner creativity
  • Learn to translate your attributes into a personal statement
  • Unlock Your Brain Workshops [add link to brochure]
  • Retreats for activating the creative side of the brain
  • Breathe new life into a stagnant corporate environment while raising the level of all your collaborative efforts by having Ellen and her team of artists join your company in developing an original gallery work of art. 
  • This unique type of retreat unlocks the left and right side of the brain while learning leadership and collaborative skill sets. 
  • It also leaves behind a beautiful art piece to display in your offices or donate to a local charity.


  • Collegiate Title IX matters
  • Negotiate sponsorship/endorsement contracts
  • Navigate the collegiate scholarship scene – helping families pick the best school for their student-athlete
  • Court declared expert (contracts, agency, sponsorship)
  • Arbitrator/Mediator
  • FIFA appointed Pro Bono Player Counsel


  • Pocket Negotiator TM – work with clients, behind the scenes to help them negotiate advancement in their careers, severance packages, and salary increases without management knowing.
  • Brainstorm 6 different ways to help achieve well beyond your goals
  • Negotiate better contracts the smart way, that advance long-term relationships
  • Strategize and navigate difficult work situations


  • Columnist 
  • Editor-in-Chief for esportsandthelaw and mylegalbookie newsletters [hyperlink]
  • Journalist for major publications (see media page) [hyperlink to media page]
  • Interviewee – on matters that focus on sports, entrepreneurship, legal, and business.


Professional Development & Career Growth

  • Identifying and articulating goals for personal and professional fulfillment
  • Telling your professional story, value, and accomplishments succinctly
  • Aligning messaging with desired roles (resume, LinkedIn, and recruiter outreach)
  • Preparing for interviews, developing, and practicing talk tracks

Leadership & Personal Development

  • Identifying the kind of leader you want to be
  • Building your team and organization
  • Establishing thought leadership and a leadership brand
  • Recognizing and identifying existing strengths, challenges. and goals
  • Expanding leadership style, effectiveness, and perception 

Situational Coaching

  • Reducing discomfort with uncertainty
  • Assessing and making difficult decisions
  • Navigating internal politics and cultures
  • Reframing uncomfortable situations
  • Setting and managing expectations

Career Planning

  • Negotiate a better salary
  • How to pitch yourself to your boss for advancement
  • Identifying what you love to do
  • Intentionally crafting the most fulfilling role or path
  • Determining ideal work/life balance without guilt
  • Filling skills and network gaps
  • Securing the right internal and external visibility

Startup Coaching

As the owner of a 3rd generation business, the owner of her own business since 26 years of age, Professor of entrepreneurship, early-stage investor, and pitch competition judge, Ellen knows the unique pressures and challenges entrepreneurs face. She writes and speaks about them and coaches’ founders. In individual or small group sessions, learn how to navigate the icebergs and celebrate the victories. Develop your own bootcamp based on your needs.

  • Create an internal space in your company to launch the intrapreneur in your staff
  • Establishing value propositions
  • Creating company culture
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • Learning to trust your instincts
  • Managing self-doubt and loneliness
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